Every brand has its strengths and weaknesses. As a new dynamic company, our passion and determine to success sets us apart.Here’s why you can rely on us…

  • Simplicity: All our solutions are developed to be simpler, less hassle and easy, features that answer to the shortcomings of solutions developed by multinationals.
  • Ease of Installation: All our solutions are easy to install. In fact, there were cases when it only took us 2 hours to install the entire villa.
  • Provide the latest stat of the art: A universal controller witch it can be used for MULTI TASKS from a single controller, such as Home Automation System, Guest Room Management System, Lighting Control System, Intrusion Alarm System, Calling System & Energy Management System
  • Pioneer in a fast integration, with any third party, as we use a standard platform for all types of control systems, with no extra requirements/cost
  • User friendly, at the time no limitation for the number of users, Durable, Flexible and affordable solutions, Reliable & High Performance
  • Save money and time: With cost-effective, long-lasting, easy-to-monitor your control systems.
  • Fast Troubleshooting: or: 10 minutes is the maximum time required to replace and defected parts of the control system components
  • Warranty: All our products or solutions are given 3 years of warranty
  • ISO Quality Management System: We received a Certificate of Approval ISO 9001:2008 for Supply of Construction Products and Materials (QEC 84293437/13/Q)
  • Flexibility: We don’t stick by the rules and believe flexibility helps because there is no red tape to get things done.
  • Reduce the cost by reducing the requirements and time of implementation and increasing the quality system.