RH-EULC is the configuration software for Richmond Heights control systems. RH-EULC provides an integrated development environment for controller configuration, debugging and commissioning systems, setting-up control networks, documenting projects, and performing updates and

RH-EULC makes configuration simple, fully configurable control modules to enable the programmer to create. Configuration data stored at SD cards, or sent online to the controller via Wi-Fi.

RH-EULC operates Offline mode. In Offline mode users can view and modify only the configuration information stored locally on the computer running RH-EULC. Changes are downloaded to controllers when they are connected, or via SD Card.

DAS-G01 Smart Capacitive Touch Multi Protocols Wi-Fi Controller is applied for:

  • Building Management System, Guest Room Management System
  • Home Automation, Lighting Control System
  • Intrusion Alarm System, Maid Calling System
  • BTU, Water, Gas & Electricity Meters
  • Façade & Landscape Lighting Control System
  • Chilled Water System Monitor & Control
  • Swimming Pools Control
  • Air Quality Control
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Unit’s & Package Unit’s Control
  • Supply, Exhaust, Pressurization & Ventilation Fan’s
  • Heating / Cooling, Irrigation, Fountain, Lifting Pumps

  • Capacitive touch technology, gently touch function can be realized
  • Ultra thin design tempered glass panel, large screen, elegant and decent
  • Integrated design, easy to install, high reliability
  • Do Not Disturb, Touch Bell
  • With LED backlight
  • Clean (or Make Up Room) Function
  • Hotel Name or Logo shows as requested
  • Fire resistance grade VII
  • Wired Interface Communication
  • CE approval

Technical Specs

The software can connect to controllers directly over Wi-Fi or SD Card, so that system start-up and maintenance can be performed
remotely from a convenient location. A hierarchical tree provides access to all controllers in the currently connected project, and to
all controllers in all the projects archived on the local computer.

Users can create Function Groups. Some examples of Function Groups include Time of Day, Scheduling, Economizer Sequence,
Heating and Cooling Calculation, and Compressor Staging with minimum on and off times.

RH-EULC is a simple, intuitive interface to configure RH Controls systems, with a robust set of features designed to increase your