It all started in 2014. Three friends acquired knowledge and experience working in the multinational companies and saw the shortcomings of these companies. They felt the need to create smart solutions and automation which could rival them and overcome their shortcomings. And the idea of “Making life simpler for everyone” was mooted and so, they decided to set up Richmond Heights Sdn Bhd. After a few years of extensive Research and Development to improvise smart and automated solutions, the company is all geared up and raring to go with solutions that are SIMPLIFIED and INTEGRATED to make life easy and hassle-free for everyone.
Today with the effort of a group of specialist developers in the field of the control systems, we are proudly announcing of first smart interactive universal Wi-Fi controller to diverse a range of construction and engineering related solution. Our developments include series of sensors, switches, wiring accessories, hospitability devices etc… As we soar to greater heights, we are adding more solutions to our portfolio and these include all kinds of any control systems from one front end, Keypad, Touch Panel or through a mobile application.

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“Making Life Simpler” is the business philosophy of Richmond Heights Sdn Bhd as it is best describes our customer-centric approach and exceeding any expectation for the customers/consultants. Our core values are to always give the right, reliable, flexible, open protocol and easy solutions, with the shortest possible installation time for the right needs for the new and old facilities.Making Life Simpler accentuates the customers desire to take away all complications, hassles and problems in their smart and automation solutions.

To achieve this, we provide installations that are arrow Less time arrow Less hassle arrow Less manpower arrow Less cables arrow Latest available state of the art technology

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